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Munoaid Products

Recommended dosage for prevention of infection

  • MUNOAID-1 : 1 capsule in the morning with milk

  • MUNOAID-2 : 1 capsule after lunch with water

  • MUNOAID-3 : 1 capsule in the evening with water or milk

Continue for 30 days & after a gap of 7 days repeat the same for one month or as directed by the physician

Recommended dosage in infection

  • 1 capsule of MUNOAID-1, 1 capsule of MUNOAID-2 &

  • 1 capsule of MUNOAID-3 capsules to be taken

  • at half hour intervals in the morning & evening

Continue for 30 days & after a gap of 7 days repeat the same for one month or as directed by the physician.

Recommended dosage for children

  • Children below 7 years : Open the capsule then hygienically divide the contents in equal halves of the capsules & administer with honey.

  • For Children above 7 years dosage as recommended for adults


  • Consume milk & water in good quantities across the period of consuming the capsules.

  • Do not consume any ‘Traditional Kaada' or Turmeric hot decoction

  • To be taken with caution in Cardiac, Kidney disease & pregnancy or consume under medical supervision or advice

Important Information

Safe for lactating mothers, children & geriatric population


  • Munoaid Kit
    The combo-supplementation of MUNOAID-1, MUNOAID-2 capsules comprehensively offers Antiviral, Adaptogenic & Immunostimulant action while MUNOAID-3 reinforces respiratory -pulmonary functions & immunity.   Offers an Adaptogenic action that regularizes the body functions and strengthens

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    Munoaid Kit

  • Munoaid-1 Capsules
    Each capsule contains : Terminalia chebula (Haritki ) 100mg Embelica officinalis (Amalaki ) 100mg Acorus calamus (Vacha ) 50mg Curcuma longa (Rajani ) 50mg Embelia ribes (Vidanga ) 50mg Zingiber officinalis (Nagar) 50mg Piper longum (Pipalli ) 50mg Potassium bibova (Saindhava ) 25mg Jaggery (Guda

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    Munoaid-1 Capsules

  • Munoaid-2 Capsules
    Each capsule contains : Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha ) 50mg Tinospra cordifolia (Giloy ) 50mg Embelica officinalis (Amalaki ) 50mg Asparagus racemosus (Shatawari ) 50mg Boehhavia diffusa (Punarnava ) 50mg Pluchea lanceolata (Rasana ) 50mg Leptadenia reticulata (Jivanti ) 50mg Centella asiatica

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    Munoaid-2 Capsules

  • Munoaid-3 Capsules

    Each capsule contains :

    • Cordia myxa (Sapista) 100 mg
    • Albezzia lebbeck (Shirisha) 100 mg
    • Trikuta (A.F.I.) 50 mg
    • Trifala (A.F.I.) 50 mg
    • Dashmool (A.F.I.) 200 mg

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    Munoaid-3 Capsules

Ayurvedic Capsules

  • Arthex Capsules
    Quality of life in joint pain & stiffness ARTHEX capsules, a high efficacy herbal formulation to provide profound relief in arthritis.Doctor! ARTHEX capsules resolve the severity of swollen joints, Significant improvement in pain, stiffness and organ function. It is appreciable to note

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    Arthex Capsules

  • Asthocalm Capsules

    Product Category : Ayurvedic remedy for Asthma, Lung immunity & Respiratory health & diseases

    Presentation : 60 capsules packed in white H.D.P.E. containers

    Route of Administration : Oral

    Inactive Ingredients : Approved Colours Used in the Capsule Shell.

    Usage (indications) : Ashtocalm capsules is indicated as a therapy for the treatment of Asthma.

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    Asthocalm Capsules

  • Glycirex Capsules
    GLYCIREX Capsules is formulated with globally acclaimed anti-diabetic team to include Gymnema Sylvestre (Gurmar), Trigonella foenum greacum (Methi) , Tinospora cordifolia , Eugenia jambolana (Jamun) etc.   Reduces the diabetic damage and its secondary complications with a preferred safety

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    Glycirex Capsules

  • I.Q.Rise Capsules
    Rational combination of memory booster herbs.Improves mental aptitude, memory and concentration in a natural way. Positively modifies mental alertness. Facilitates improved cognition (learning) and retention.   Reduces stress, performance anxiety, calms the nerves, Resolves depression and

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    I.Q.Rise Capsules

  • Obinol Capsules
    Obesity & weight gain When crosses limits of healthy measurements in your patients & you are anxious to bid a final farewell to Obesity & weight gain.   OBINOL capsules offer a safe & effective control over complications of Obesity & Weight   OBINOL capsules are an

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    Obinol Capsules

Ayurvedic Syrup

  • Alkasyp Syrup
    Details : Maintain physiological urine alkalinity Supports diuretic action in urinary tract infections originated dysuria, Resolves pain due to cystitis, stones, or burning Micturition Decrease the acidity of urine and act as a renal tonic  Balance disturbed urine and blood

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    Alkasyp Syrup

  • Altone Syrup
    The comprehensive natural health tonic for overall health    Product info : Strengthens the body systems Enhances energy levels & Improves debilitated conditions Offers improved energy levels general body weakness & fatigue  Establishes a sense of well being Overcome stress,

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    Altone Syrup

  • Anelpi Syrup
    Product info : Natural, safe & non sedating cough formulation Effectively resolves stubborn cough Support to strengthen respiratory functions Impressively tackles productive & non productive cough Establishes quality of life Reduces the intensity & frequency of coughing   Dosage

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    Anelpi Syrup

  • Gynarin Syrup
    Details : The natural & multifaceted approach to gynaec heath A non Hormonal formulation Corrects hormonal imbalance & Gynaecological disorders Tones up uterus & stimulates ovaries Optimises menstrual flow Improves quality of womenhood Relieves uterine pain & colic Resolves

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    Gynarin Syrup

Other Products

  • Waha Karishma Granules

    Waha Karishma is a non habit forming ayurvedic digestive toner and effective laxative. It offers relief from chronic constipation, abdominal indigestion and along with other symptoms like nausea and acidity.

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    Waha Karishma Granules

  • ASO Powder

    Quick relief in acidity.

    Indigestion, nausea, vomiting, gastritis, sour belching.

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    ASO Powder

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